Wk 14-Classmate Conversation- Maria Romo

Today I had a lovely conversation with Maria Romo at the Japanese Garden. This is Maria’s first year attending CSULB. She is a freshman majoring in Communication Studies. She originally came in as a Psychology major but after interning for Assembly member Cristina Garcia as a program coordinator she decided she liked this career field and switched to Communications. She is from Cudahy, CA which is near South Gate. She tells me it is a 30-45 minute commute to school everyday. So her home is not too far from CSULB which is why she choose to go to this university. In her free time Maria says she enjoys watching a lot of movies and going hiking. She is currently obsessed with the HBO series Games of Thrones. She claimed she had just watched the season 6 finale right before coming to class. I too am a little obsessed with Game of Thrones so we had a long discussion about our favorite characters in the the show and the questionable things they’ve done. She also learned that her favorite color is evergreen and that she is taking this art class to fulfill her GE requirement. Lastly, when I asked if she had any pets she said no and proceeded to tell me a very gruesome story. She told me she used to own two hamsters a few years ago but one day when she forgot to feed them she claims they ate each other… awful. Check out Maria’s blogĀ here!


Wk 11- Classmate Conversation- Jackie Perez

For this week’s classmate conversation, I talked to Jackie Perez. Jackie is from Maywood, California which is near Downtown LA. It is her first year here at CSULB and she is studying film. She told me she commutes to school but she wishes she dormed here so she could experience what it is like. She decided to major in film because she really enjoys movies and the aesthetic pleasure she gets from watching them. She told me, she loves the insane happy feeling she gets when she goes to Disneyland or watches a Disney movie, so it is her goal to direct movies that will make people happy and give a similar euphoric feeling. In her free time she enjoys drawing, reading online and scrolling through tumblr. When I asked her if she had any pets, she told me a pretty sad story about how she used to have 2 dogs but they recently ran away. She’s been devastated ever since they were not able to find them. Despite that, Jackie seems like a really happy and kind person and I really enjoyed my little chat with her. Check out her blogĀ here!

Wk8- Classmate Conversation-Taylor Hidrata

This week I met Taylor Hidrata. Taylor is a 2nd year Sophomore here at CSULB and her major is Speech Therapy. I didn’t really know what that was so she explained that it is therapy to help young children that have trouble speaking or for people that have been in an accident and have lost certain motor skills. She decided to go into this field because she really wants to work with children. She told me her aunt is also a speech therapist and she was really interested in what she does.

Taylor is from Cerritos which is not far from Long Beach. In her free time she enjoys playing basketball at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center with her friends. She also told me that she is in a sorority. It is called Chi Delta Beta and it is a cultural based sorority which takes up a lot of her time. She goes to all the charity events they hold. Overall, I thought Taylor was a really nice and outgoing person!