Wk 15- Classmate Conversation- Jacob Siciliano

For our last Classmate Conversation of the year, I met Jacob Siciliano. I learned that Jacob is a first year and a freshman. He is from Lancaster, California. I told him that I was familiar with Lancaster since I have been there multiple times to visit family. He told me he felt sorry for them because Lancaster is a terrible place to live, which made me laugh because my cousins who live there say the exact same thing. There is absolutely nothing to do in Lancaster.

So Jacob instead is living at the dorms at CSULB. He lives in the Parkside dorms which I do too! So we were able to bond over the fact that living at the dorms isn’t the best. We agreed that the food at the dinning hall completely sucks and that having bad roommates can make your time here a living hell. He tells me that he hopes to get an apartment near campus next year because he absolutely hates living in the dorms. He claims that he has very rowdy neighbors who play their music obnoxiously loud and there is prankster in their suite always doing stupid pranks in the bathroom. He especially hates sharing a bathroom with people who are messy. He also told me he was basically an only child since his only sister is much older than him which is why he isn’t used to living with so many people here at the dorms.

Jacob is a film major who hopes to specialize in screen writing which came from his passion of theater and acting when he was in high school. Check out his blog here!


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