Wk 14- Art Experience-Japanese Garden

For this week’s art experience, we headed over to the Japanese Garden to do some sketching. I was so excited for this activity because the Japanese Garden is my favorite place on campus. I am lucky enough to live in the dorms right next to it so I like to visit it sometimes on my way back from class. I love coming here and experiencing the peacefulness and the serenity of garden. It’s the perfect place to de-stress after a long day of classes. Walking through the gates of the Japanese Garden is like walking into a story book, a movie, or an entirely new world that makes you forget about everything else.

So for this activity we were instructed to do several little sketches of the views in the beautiful garden. However, there is one rule. We are not to use our eraser AT ALL. According to our professor erasers like to make us believe that there is a perfect line out there when there really isn’t. We do not need this negativity in our sketching life. This is perhaps some of the best advice I’ve been given. I thought this would be no big deal but on several occasions I found myself having to stop my hand from flipping my pencil over to erase my lines.

As instructed, I did some 30 second sketches that were mainly drawings of the water lilies and some rocks.


For my 5 minute sketch I added some more detail to the other sketches by drawing more plants and rocks and tried to do some trees doing the contour technique on some trees but that was a little bit hard so they ended up looking a little abstract. Which worked out perfectly for the abstract drawing and so I made all my trees a little abstract looking.


For the representation sketch I focused on drawing one of the pretty Japanese lanterns by the water. It was a little easier to do this one because the lines are a lot straighter and more visible than with the trees and plants.


Overall, this was probably one of my favorite art activities we have done. Sitting in the Japanese Garden sketching was so relaxing and made forget about the impending doom of finals. I should definitely do this more often. Here is my final sketch of the garden.


Now here real are some pictures of the beautiful Japanese Garden because my sketches don’t do it any justice. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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