Wk10- Art Experience-The Wedge


The horror.

The USU Wedge.


Ever since my very first day as a freshman here at CSULB, I have always used the Wedge as a passage to get to where I was going. To be completely honest I think its hilarious that we are doing this assignment to redesign the architecture of it because I have always thought it was a problem as well! It’s a pedestrian traffic nightmare! Like what was going on in the architect’s mind when he decided to design this weird pillar/wall like thing and leave a tiny little space in the corner just big enough for a person to squeeze through? Like, someone please send him or her back to architecture school or something…seriously.



Anyway, after four years at this school and using and observing others use the wedge, I have narrowed it down as to why this causes traffic. The truth is… we are all just LAZY. It is so much easier to pass through the wedge than to walk the 20 steps to go around the pillar/wall thing. But in our defense, we have classes we need to go to and we need to go to them fast so we cannot afford those extra steps and go around. We want to take the easy way.


So with that being said. I have designed my own solution to the problem.

Multiple wedges. 🙂

With this giant, gray, marble pillar/wall thing out of the way, I believe the congestion of people in this area with cease and the flow will be as smooth as a river. I have taken the original design and tweaked it just a bit. I decided to take out the dark gray marble wall thing and split it in to several pillars. That way there will MORE THAN ONE WEDGE! I know some people like the wedge and hold much affection for it so I couldn’t completely get rid of it. So I created a few more wedges for students to hurriedly squeeze by while they go to class. That way traffic can flow in and out through the wedge and people don’t have to wait for the line of traffic to stop coming from one direction to go in the other direction. Problem solved! I hope… I’m no architect but this is sure better then the original design.  People will definitely talk about what a genius idea this was for years to come. 🙂


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