Wk9-Art Experience-Graffiti

For this week’s art activity we get to do some graffiti! I was really excited to do this activity since I know how to do a little bit of graffiti. I am absolutely not a pro at it but I know the basics. In the 7th grade I took an art class and my teacher taught us how to do block and bubble letter and to make them look 3D. I haven’t really practiced much since then, haha but I called on all those skills I learned to do this activity hoping it would come out decent looking.

So I didn’t go to the Venice Art Walls for this and just preferred to do this at home. I used some acrylic paints I had and a canvas to paint my graffiti on. (My parents didn’t want to let me use a wall in the backyard 😦 lol) It was a beautiful day today so I took my materials outside, made myself a cup of tea and started sketching.

Green tea with a hint of mint.

While I was sketching, my nosy little dog decided to come and check out what I was doing. For her, that means jumping up on the table, stepping all over my canvas and sticking her nose in my paints. -____- She’s too cute to get mad at though haha.

image1image1 (1)

After I got my dog out of the way, I finished my sketch which actually took me a long time because I’m such a perfectionist. It was a little frustrating. I ended up sketching my last name Garcia. Then the fun part came. The painting! I chose three colors; Blue, Purple and Lavender. I painted each letter by doing a sort of ombre/ color gradation starting with the darkest color blue and ending with the lightest color lavender.

I outlined all the letters with black and added some 3D effect to them. Then, I decided to take a break and took my sister and cousin for some frozen yogurt at Yogurtland. Haha. I wish I had a picture for you but the coconut and Dutch chocolate froyo was WAY too good to stop and take a picture.

But anyway, after that little distraction I came back to finish my graffiti.  I added some white lines to make the shadows stand out more, made some black paint drip off the bottom and DONE. Here is the outcome below.


I’m really glad I got to do this activity and revisit some of my old lessons on graffiti. It was an enjoyable way to spend my evening.


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