Wk8-Art Experience-Finger Painting

For this week’s art activity we did finger painting! I love painting and am a painter myself but I’d never tried painting with my fingers before. Also, I’d never made an abstract painting  either so this was all new to me. So for the materials we used some canvases I had stashed away and some craft paints.

Once again, I had my sister do this art activity with me. I think she’s pretty much done all of them with me. Art is just more fun when you experience with someone else. Anyway, as instructed we only used 3 colors (I choose the primaries red, blue, yellow and Nathalie choose orange, purple and red). Then, we played some music, we got our hands dirty and started painting. We knew it was supposed to be abstract so we tried to just feel the paint like my professor said and let the colors do the talking.


At first I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. As a painter, I’m so used to knowing what is going to be the outcome and having a sketch on the canvas to guide me where to put my brush. So with no brush and no guide I felt a little blind and a little frustrated. After a while of just kind of moving the paint around my canvas it finally started to resemble something! Yay! It kind of looks like a sunset! An abstract sunset of course. And my sister did this rainbow looking painting which was also pretty cool!

My finger painting.
My sister’s finger painting on the right.

Overall, this whole experience was so fun! After it stopped being frustrating, it started feeling kind of nice not to be restricted by a brush and a sketch. I was able to move the paint with my fingers where ever I chose and I think the painting still came out decent.


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