Wk8- Classmate Conversation-Taylor Hidrata

This week I met Taylor Hidrata. Taylor is a 2nd year Sophomore here at CSULB and her major is Speech Therapy. I didn’t really know what that was so she explained that it is therapy to help young children that have trouble speaking or for people that have been in an accident and have lost certain motor skills. She decided to go into this field because she really wants to work with children. She told me her aunt is also a speech therapist and she was really interested in what she does.

Taylor is from Cerritos which is not far from Long Beach. In her free time she enjoys playing basketball at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center with her friends. She also told me that she is in a sorority. It is called Chi Delta Beta and it is a cultural based sorority which takes up a lot of her time. She goes to all the charity events they hold. Overall, I thought Taylor was a really nice and outgoing person!



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