Wk7-Classmate Conversation-Megan Maeda

For this week’s classmate conversation, I talked to Megan Maeda.

Megan Maeda is a Freshman here at CSULB. Her major is Japanese but as we were talking she said she had an appointment with an adviser after our class to change her major. She said that Japanese was way too hard so she is going to switch her major to Asian Studies instead. When I asked her why she came in as a Japanese major she claimed she was playing the acceptance game because she knew she would get accepted in the school as a Japanese major like her older sister did. Smart.

Megan is from Corona, California which was so cool because I am from Lake Elsinore which is the city right next to it! We talked about how we have both have gone to the Shops in Dos Lagos in Corona to shop or eat. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends, playing soccer, and Filipino culture dancing. Although she rarely has free time anymore because she has so much homework. She told me  she also likes to have tea parties in her dorm with her friends.

While talking about tea, we found out we have both been to the little Danish town called Solvang near Santa Barbara that has cute antique shops that sell tea sets. She started telling me that there is an ostrich farm near there where you can feed ostriches, when I told her I had been there too! We laughed talking about how big, scary and aggressive the ostriches are.

Some of her favorite foods are grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Her favorite color used to be pink because her hair used to be dyed pink but now it is teal because her hair is teal. She told me she has been dying her hair since she was in the 2nd grade. She decided she wanted to dye her hair when she saw the show Disney 365 and a girl on the show had pink hair. She also dyed it to distinguish herself from one of her soccer teammates on the field who looked just like her at the time.

Megan has two dogs, a Husky named Yuki (Japanese for “snow”) and a Maltese named Rocky who is 11 years old. She also has really cool tattoo and is getting another this week. Overall, Megan is super cool and we had a lot in common. I look forward to getting to know her more in class.



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