Wk5-Art Experience- Automatic Drawing

So for this week’s art experience I roped in my sister Nathalie once again to help me out. For our materials I used the 22×30 Rives BFK paper I bought from the school’s art store. For the drawing board we didn’t have any kind of wooden board or cardboard to put our paper on, so we improvised and used my older brother’s boogie board. As for the drawing tool, we just used a regular old  pencil. 20170226_163154

To get into the right mood, I set up some candle’s around the black mat we were going to be sitting on, turned off the lights and played some haunting music. The Civil Wars have great ominous and dark music for this kind of thing (plus, they’re also my favorite band). Then, I explained the directions to my sister again because she didn’t quite  get what we were supposed to be doing. Honestly, neither did I. She was afraid we were going to summon spirits or something. Haha.

We sat cross-legged facing each other with our knees touching then placed the boogie board and paper on them. It was hard at first because it was at a bit of a slant since I’m taller and my knees stuck up more. After grabbing the pencil with both of our hands and putting it in the center of the paper, we closed our eyes. When nothing happened after like, less than a minute, we started peaking at each other through one eye and we started laughing realizing how silly this whole thing was. But after we got all the laughs out we finally focused and relaxed. That’s when the pencil started to move…


At first we started arguing that it was one of us who was moving it but we both swore it wasn’t! It was a little scary at first because the pencil was just moving pretty much by it self. I had the lightest grip possible on the pencil so it couldn’t have been me. I kept thinking its probably my sister doing it but she insisted it wasn’t and accused me as well. We finally stopped talking and just focused on the movement of the pencil and the Civil Wars crooning their haunting lyrics in the background. The pencil moved round and round. From one corner to the other. Sometimes fast and sometimes slow. We stayed this way for about three songs when the pencil finally stopped. We opened our eyes and were really surprised at what we saw.


At first we both expressed disappointment in what we saw. It felt like the pencil was making greater movements all over the large paper but in reality it kind of just stayed in the center. It looked kind of like Saturn. We talked about how cool it felt like some unseen force was moving the pencil but then we still accused each other of moving it. We decided to give it another try because it was honestly such a cool experience. The pencil moved again this time almost instantly and more rapidly in circles. When we opened our eyes we saw that it made almost exactly the same drawing as before just an inch higher than the first. We were amazed. Although, I think my sister was a little scared thinking it was a ghost moving our pencil. Haha. I told her to just get some holy water.

To make it look all pretty we decided to pour the candle wax on the paper. The purple lavender candles gave it a really nice color. Overall, this was a really interesting activity that I would definitely do again. I am intrigued to find out what it is that makes the pencil move.20170226_171327


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