WK4- Art Activity- Art Care Package

For this week’s art activity, we are to make an art care package and send it to someone. I have chosen to send it to someone I know who is imprisoned. I used to write letters to him all the time when I was little but as the years have passed we have grown distant. I think it is a good idea to send it to him now. I truly hope that this art package will brighten his day and make him smile.

There are many restrictions to what you can send to someone who is imprisoned so I just kept it simple and sent many pictures and things printed on paper in a large yellow envelope. I cut out some articles from today’s news paper. As a journalism major, I really value the art of newspapers. I sent him some that were relevant to what is happening right now where I live. One talks about the crazy rainstorms we have been having and another talks about Trump’s first month in presidency. Also, cut out the Sunday Comics. I’m sure he’d get a laugh or two from them.


I also sent him pictures of some of my baking creations. I really enjoy baking and I think that is a form of art as well. I usually make cakes for all my family members for their birthdays. His birthday is next month, but I can’t send him an actual cake so I pictures will have to do.


I have gone on a lot of trips already this year even thought its only February. I have gone to Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Solvang, Pismo Beach and Mexico. On my trips, I always make sure to get a couple of postcards, so I have included some of those in the package as well as other pictures from my trips.


Lastly, I have included some pictures that I have kept of me, my family and friends over the years. Some are from Halloween, Thanksgiving and birthdays that he has missed. I hope seeing this pictures will make him feel like he was there. I’m sure that being away from family can be hard especially in the holidays.



I also included some pictures of some paintings of wolves  I made. I have recently taken up painting which I absolutely love to do. Painting is art so I think those are appropriate to send. He is an artist too so I think he will really enjoy these. On the back of every photo graph, I have also included a short summary of what is going on in the picture. So he will have plenty of little stories to read.


I think that sending an art care package is so much more special that sending a Snapchat. Snapchats can be funny and quick but they only last a few seconds before they disappear forever. An art care package is filled with ephemera that people have put a lot of thought into and that are made with love and can last forever. Therefore, I thing that art care packages have so much more value than a silly old Snapchat. It took me a few days to put all these things together but I think in the end it is worth it because I will be making someone’s day. There is a huge difference between this art in the care package than a painting that is seen my many people in a museum because this art was made specially for a single person.


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