Wk2-Classmate Conversation-Marisa Morones

This week in class I met Marisa Morones. Marisa is a 2 year/ sophomore here at CSULB. However she says she went to a community college before coming here. Marisa is majoring in Exercise Science which she says is kind of like Kinesiology  and she wants to become a physical therapist and work at a rehabilitation center for veterans that were wounded in war. It is obvious that Marisa has such a kind soul!

I learned that she is from Santa Catalina Island which was so surprising but really awesome too! I told her I have always wanted to go visit there because I have heard so many good things about the island. She said that if I ever want to go that I can get a free boat ride to the island on my birthday. So now I definitely know what i’m doing for my birthday next month! I also heard there is really good seafood, sea diving experiences,spas and zip lining. She says its all true and that she really enjoyed living there but now she lives near CSULB in an apartment with her friends. When I asked her what made her decide to come to the mainland and go to CSULB she said that she was tired of living in a small place and wanted to experience new things. She told me that the high school that she graduated from only had 200 people and there were only 60 people in her graduating class so everyone pretty much knew each other. Marisa craved anonymity so she decided to go to one of the biggest CSU’s which is Long Beach. However, she does go back to the island often to visit her family.

When I asked if she owned any pets she laughed and said no. She told me she is terrified of dogs but she used to have two birds but they died. She said that they discovered a tumor under the wing of one of her birds that eventually died from it and that the other one died shortly afterward as well probably of loneliness. So sad! But anyway, I really enjoyed my conversation with Marisa but we totally forgot to take a selfie together for this post so I just included a picture of beautiful Catalina Island where she is from. 🙂


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