Wk 1-Classmate Conversation-Tayler Martin & Miguel Cabada

On the very first day of class I met both Tayler Martin and Miguel Cabada. This is my classmate conversation I had with them. I know we are only supposed to do one but Tayler and I noticed Miguel wasn’t talking to anyone so we included him as well. Since it was the first day and no one really knew what the heck we were doing it was a little awkward. There was a bit of awkward silence and I could tell we were all scrambling in our heads to think of questions to ask each other and not be weird. So this is what I found out about Tayler and Miguel.

Tayler Martin is a freshman and is enjoying her first year at CSULB. She was wearing all black. She also wore a black beanie, a cool nose ring and mega long eyelashes. Before we had our conversation, Prof. Zucman was asking about people’s majors in the class and we found out that Tayler was the only Nursing major in the class. She also told me she was from Long Beach so she doesn’t have a far commute to school which is nice. What I thought was really interesting was that she was home schooled before coming to CSULB. She briefly shared what that was like saying that she met with an adviser once a week that would give her packets of homework to complete each week. When I asked if she ever got bored being at home she said she did so she got a job to keep her self busy otherwise she would’ve gone crazy. Now that she started her second semester at Long Beach she is thinking about joining some clubs to get involved and make friends. Lucky for her, Week of Welcome is next week!

Miguel Cabada is also a freshman at CSULB. He is a Computer Engineering major and is from Bell Gardens. He was also looking to get involved on campus and was thinking about joining a fraternity. Miguel looked incredibly comfy in his black windbreaker and pants. I guess one thing we all had in common that was that we were wearing black from head to toe. Miguel, along with Tayler and I were still a bit a confused on the layout of this art class so we mainly talked about that. We asked each other if we had made out Word Press sites or Slack accounts yet which Tayler only had done. Miguel and I were slacking. After talking a for about 5 minutes Tayler took a photo of the three of us which was a little weird because we barely knew each other. We also exchanged contact information so Tayler could send Miguel and I the photo for our post  (Above: Miguel left, Me center, Tayler right). And just like that we completed our first awkward classmate conversation! Yay! Can’t wait to meet the rest of the class!


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